“Legacy of the Fallen Stars” Part 1 Up at Bewildering Stories

The first installment of my novella, “Legacy of the Fallen Stars,” is now available to read for free online in issue 566 of Bewildering Stories.  Looks like the rest of the story will be posted in three more segments (issues 567 through 569).  I’m looking forward to reading the issue, which also features chapters from a serialized novel, short stories, flash fiction and poetry. The history major in me had fun researching for this story, the English major in me had fun writing it.  I’d like to do another historically-based piece.  I just have to settle on when, where and what.

I expect to have more publication news I can share soon, but meanwhile, enjoy “Legacy of the Fallen Stars”–or as it is affectionately known around my house, “the Stonehenge story.”  I’ve posted about the story before, so if you’d like more information, give this a read.

Amusing (at least to me) anecdote:  I’ve actually written two Stonehenge stories.  The first, a literary piece, was my very first effort at writing fiction as an adult.  I wrote it after traveling in England and France for six weeks the summer after I graduated law school.  Every now and then I pull it out of my virtual drawer just for fun and laughs.






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