Kaleidotrope Accepts “Tell Me a Story”

A nice way to break a dry spell: my story, “Tell Me a Story,” is to appear in 2020 in Kaleidotrope.

I’ve been trying to crack Kaleidotrope since I started submitting speculative stories. Many writers I admire have had stories in this zine, and I like what the editor, Fred Coppersmith, is doing with the zine. I remember reading an interview with him about five years ago (though the interview took place in 2009) in which he mentioned Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet and Electric Velocipede as the standard bearers for the work he is interested in doing. That’s what I’m interested in doing as well, so I’m delighted with this outcome.

This story received much love from the professional zines and from contests, and I consider it some of my best work — all the more reason I’m excited it has found a home and (I hope) a readership.





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