“Piper: A Song for Flute and Chorus” is Out in Wild Musette # 1702!

Just a quick note to say that the volume of Wild Musette with my story, “Piper: A Song for Flute and Chorus,” is available now for purchase on the zine’s site or at Amazon.com. The volume’s name is The Sin Eater. I’m also told to expect the story to be available to read online on or about December 4, 2017. I believe you need to register at the site to get access to the stories, which are made available on a staggered schedule if you don’t want a lovely physical book to hold in your hand.

I’m delighted that Tyler Johnson, the journal’s editor, included my story.

2017 has been a banner year for publications for me, and it’s a high bar to beat for next year. I don’t expect to beat it, but I’m hopeful that some of my stories currently circulating will find nice homes.

I’ve also had some disappointing near misses, but such is the way of things. Onward!

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