March Writing News–White Cat Releases Stories Previously Accepted for its Magazines

Sometimes the news isn’t all good.

I happened upon a post today on Facebook which in turn led me to the White Cat Publications web site and this.

It seems safe to conclude that my story, “The Righteous in this Generation,” my very first speculative fiction sale–to Aoife’s Kiss back in September of 2012 for its June 2013 anniversary issue–will not be published in Aoife’s Kiss or any White Cat magazine.  It also seems safe to conclude that for now, at least, Aoife’s Kiss is no more.

I find it hard not to be disappointed.  I submitted to Aoife’s Kiss because so many writers whose work I admire published in that magazine early in their careers, and I felt as though I’d be in good company.  The timing particularly stings because apparently the issue before the June 2013 issue was the last issue published.  If the story had been accepted for the previous issue instead, I wouldn’t be writing this.  I did get paid for the story ($20, $5 more than the contracted price which the magazine apparently did as an apology for the original delay), but the token payment was never my reason for submitting to Aoife’s Kiss.

I’ll send the story out again, of course.  But I’m sad that good news turned to bad, and that after waiting a year and a half to see the story in print it’s not going to happen, at least not as planned.

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