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“Matryoshka” Now Available in Triangulation: Lost Voices

My flash piece, “Matryoshka,” is now available in Parsec Ink’s anthology, Triangulation: Lost Voices.  You can find it at amazon.com in print or for the Kindle.

It’s probably my favorite of my flash pieces — an original fairy tale of sorts.  I hope you enjoy it.


Triangulation: Lost Voices Accepts “Matryoshka”

Woke up this morning to email informing me that Parsec Ink’s  yearly anthology series, Triangulation, has accepted my flash piece, “Matryoshka,” for its next anthology, Triangulation: Lost Voices.

I love this story and I’m glad it found a home. It’s an original fairy tale told in a storytelling voice unlike any I’ve used before, so it was exciting that someone else felt the experiment worked. But it’s the concept that I love most about the story.  Questions of identity and personhood fascinate me, especially as they concern women.  I  won’t spoil the story for you — I’ll just say the spark for this story was an article I read a while back about women over fifty often feeling as though they’ve become invisible to society.

I’m not sure when the anthology will be available, but I’ll post here when I know.