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Sale to Every Day Fiction!

My fantasy flash piece, “The Nymph of Limantour,” will appear in the online magazine Every Day Fiction this month.  It’s currently slated for March 6.   I’m delighted, and I’m grateful to the editors of Every Day Fiction for their support of this story.

It’s a mysterious thing, but I have more affection for some of my stories than others.  I can’t really point to a reason why this should be, either in general or with reference to a particular story.  I feel somewhat guilty about it, like I’m not supposed to have favorites among my creative offspring.

“Nymph” is one of those stories.  Perhaps because it was fun, but difficult, to write.  Perhaps because I find the main character, Marin, interesting, and her plight sad but hopeful.  Perhaps it’s just one of those mysterious things for which there isn’t really an answer.

The story’s setting is a future, somewhat dystopic version of Limantour Beach. Fortunately, the Limantour Beach in our world is still clean and beautiful.