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“Heartworm” is a Podcast!

Nature has podcast my story “Heartworm” — you can listen here.  This is the first time I’ve had a story podcast (to my knowledge) so it’s a nice feather in my writer’s achievement cap.  Geoff Marsh’s reading makes my words sound so classy. 😉

“Heartworm” Now Available in Nature!

My cyberpunk flash piece, “Heartworm,” is now available in Nature.  Because “Heartworm” is flash,  I can’t say too much about it without bumping up against spoilers, but after you give it a read you can also read my short blog post at the Nature site, with the “story behind the story.”  Thanks to my Writers Studio classmates and teachers, and my alpha and beta readers, for helping me take this from exercise to story. I’d also like to thank Colin Sullivan at Nature, who was a dream to work with. 





“Heartworm” Sold to Nature

I just returned the contract for the sale of my short SF piece, “Heartworm,” to Nature. I’ve had my eye on Nature since I read the first Futures Features anthology, the table of contents of which reads like a who’s who of SF.  I worried that I didn’t write stories that were hard-SF-enough for this market, but I decided to take a chance and submit this story. I’m very glad I did.

As a bonus, Nature is a SFWA qualifying market. This marks my first sale to a qualifying market, which has been a goal of mine since I started submitting in late 2012.  I’m excited to have unlocked this achievement!