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Campbell Award Eligibility

It’s been a while since I posted. Here’s a short update.

Last June I entered an unplanned job search for a new day job. Looking for a new job became my job, as I am the sole breadwinner for my two school-aged boys. I was fortunate to find something that feels like a great fit, and accepted a new position right before Christmas. I started work at the end of January.

During this period I did very little in the way of writing. For the most part, I was too stressed to enter the relaxed dream-space I need to be in to be able to create. When I hit my limit on the job search around Thanksgiving, I resubmitted stories that had come back to me and put the finishing touches on a few new ones. But then, I entered a phase of trying to get things done that would never get done while working, including a huge early spring clean of the entire house. Shortly after that, I started the new job. I’ve been there almost two months, and am starting to get my bearings. So I’m starting to think about writing again.

In the interim, I missed a number of deadlines. One was for the Campbell anthology — since I had my first pro sale last year, I’m in my first year of eligibility. I’d been looking forward to contributing to the anthology, but I just plain missed the call because of the new job preparation and acclimation.

The upheaval couldn’t have come at a worse time. I had started to sell to pro venues. I had taken some vacation days in May to write and cranked out five stories. Even though I knew I really needed work to support the family, part of me fantasized that if I was still out of work next summer I’d have a rare chance to apply to one of the Clarions or Odyssey and actually be able to go if I was fortunate enough to get accepted. Being a working stiff with dependents rather puts a crimp in such plans under ordinary circumstances.

But hey, what can you do except get back in the saddle whenever the horse comes round again. I am grateful that it was a relatively short hiatus as such things go, and hope that I’ll soon have my routine in sufficient order that I can build on my nascent success. I started last weekend — getting my stuff out there, especially for some calls that end at the end of the month, finishing a new piece, and starting to think through my next project.

I hope to have good news to post in the coming months.